Dear followers,

Before sharing our great plans for 2019 we’d like to thank you for following, sharing and loving Kidchella the label the past year.

Starting the brand has been a great adventure and so far it has been pretty amazing. We feel so honoured and thankful because we couldn’t have done it without you!

Building this brand has been a wonderful experience, but it has been challenging too. Luckily challenges help us grow and so we’ll happily continue to go with the flow. We’ve met so many nice and inspiring people on- and offline. We've felt really empowered and supported by so many kindred spirits! And the love and support to each other is something we really empower.

Although following your bliss may feel like a risk, a healthy dose of ‘risky business' is what makes us feel alive and shows us what we are truly capable of. Never let negativity bring you down, always stay true to yourself and the good people around you. We believe we rise by lifting others.

Ever since we’ve started we’ve learned a lot, altered what needed altering and connected more deeply with the soul of our brand.

We are ready for 2019! But this time, with a new year, comes a new name! The name, Kidchella the label is about to change. But no need to worry, we’ll definitely stay true to the vibe and look of the brand. Unfortunately this choice has been made for us but it has made us believe even more in the power of ‘happy accidents’. Sometimes the worst turns out to be a great opportunity.

And in the way we’re heading now, we feel like we can stand on our own, with all of you supporting! Ever since we’ve started we’ve grown out to who we are today. An authentic kids clothing label, designed and fairly produced in the Netherlands. We’ve got a great year ahead with tiny and big plans for our beloved mini me’s and free spirited kids. Keep on following us for your usual dose of inspiration and of course the big reveal!

We truly hope you’ll keep on spreading the vibe with us.

Lots of love, xxx

IG: newnamecomingsoon_

New website: Raising-Wildlings